Mickey Hoelscher is a Photographer and digital artist from Downey, California. He received his BFA in Fine Arts with a concentration on Photography from the University of Utah where he was awarded the Emma Eccles Fine Arts Scholarship (the only photographer ever to be awarded this two year award). 


As a way to combine his love for photography and creative branding, Mickey founded NYCreative Photography and Marketing. As the Director of NYCreative, Mickey works with numerous individuals and organizations to create the perfect balance of commercial recognition and creative expression. Following the lead of bigger deals and greater artistic partnerships, Mickey relocated to New York City in 2011.


Since arriving in New York, Mickey has worked with hundreds of artists and gone on to become the Creative Consultant of Hurricane Marketing, the Director of Media of The Moving Beauty Series, and the official Photographer of Mari Meade Dance.


Outside of his entrepreneurial ventures, Mickey continues to work as a freelance photographer and as a photography teacher.