The Headshot.

Whether you are an actor, lawyer, professor, or entrepreneur- the headshot is your number one marketing tool, especially in this age of online networking. Consider it your first impression with potential clients, the foot in the door that makes one say, ‘This is the person for the job’. Whatever the occasion, we will work with you to capture the true essence of who you are and to make sure that your first impression is the best impression possible.



Each Photo Shoot Includes:

The option to shoot in-studio, on location, or outdoors. (Studio fees are not included in the basic pricing).

Expert coaching from Mickey to ensure that you get ‘the shot’ you desire.

Private access to an online gallery of diverse images from which to choose within 2-3 days of your shoot.

An in-person one hour consultation to select photos for retouching.

Hi-Resolution Digital Copy of Retouched Images for print. (Quantity determined by purchased shoot).

*Allow a 3-4 days turnover for Images to be prepared.

Make up and Stylist are available upon request.


General Pricing Guide


Standard Shoot: $495.

Lasts 1-Hour to 1 1/2 hour.


Basic Retouching for 3 images.

2 outfit changes.

100 to 200 shots.

This is the perfect option for actors, models, dancers, and business people.  


 Econo-Shoot: Email for Pricing  

Lasts 30 to 45 minutes.


1 look.

Basic Retouching for 1-2 images.

This discounted one-look shoot is perfect for those who want excellence but are on a tight budget.


Extended Headshot Shoot: $1295.  

Lasts 2 hours.


Basic Retouching for 5-8 images.

As many outfit changes as time allows.

150 to 300 shots.

Perfect for actors or models in need of numerous looks.

 Portfolio Shoot: $1995.

Lasts 4 hours.


Unlimited outfit changes as time allows.

Basic Retouching for 14 images.

One stop shop for those in need of headshots, lifestyle shots, movement/action shots, and business shots. This option will address your every need leaving you with a portfolio full of images for all occasions.